European Institute for Economics, Political and Social Research (EIEPSR) is Geneva, Switzerland-based Non-governmental organization established to promote research in economics, political social sciences in globally.

EIEPSR has been listed in as a NGO in United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs’ iCSO database. http://esango.un.org/civilsociety

EIEPSR is in the process of applying for consultative status with United Nations Economics and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Objectives of EIEPSR are :

Institute and administer scholarships and fellowships for research in social sciences;

Indicate areas in which social science research is to be promoted and adopt special measures for development of research in neglected or new areas;

Sponsor social science research programs and projects and administer grants to institutions and individuals for research in social sciences;

Review the progress of social science research and give advice to its users;

Arrange for technical training in research methodology and to provide guidance for research;

Give financial support to institutions, associations, and journals engaged in social science research;

Organize, sponsor, and finance seminars, workshops and study groups;

Co-ordinate research activities and encourage programs for interdisciplinary research;

Develop and support centers for documentation services and supply of data;

Undertake publication and assist publication of journals and books in social sciences;