Human Rights Intern(HRI)- 2020


(Swiss based non-governmental organisation for research)

Human Rights Intern (HRI): Job Description, Duties and Stipend.

During the 45th UN Human Rights Session
From 14.09.2020 to 06.10.2020 in Geneva.

Human rights interns address and attempt to stop violations of human rights around the world. They gather information regarding human rights violations and coordinate efforts to intervene if necessary.

Essential information:

A human rights intern (HRI) monitors, reports on and attempts to redress violations of the civil, social, cultural and political rights basic to humankind, as initially defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The job can involve gathering information on human rights violations, visiting victims, interacting with government leaders and attending trials. A bachelor or master’s degree in law, public administration or other relevant field is generally required.

Required Education: Bachelor or Master’s degree in law, public administration or related fields, other Requirements Foreign language proficiency, experience in human rights issues

Job Description

Human rights interns work, to a large extent, for the United Nations Human Rights Council Geneva , Switzerland. HRIs receive and investigate complaints of human rights, for such abuses as discrimination of minorities or women, unjust imprisonment, violence against children, and religious intolerance.


To qualify as an HRI, a bachelor or master’s degree is usually required in an area such as law, peacekeeping management, public administration, political science, or international relations. Skills in foreign language are essential, particularly for the region in which the HRI works. Knowledge of and experience with social, cultural, and economic human rights issues is important.

Job Duties

The numerous duties of HRIs include identifying human rights violations, gathering information and facts, interviewing those violated and the violators, and visiting displaced persons and prisoners. It also includes observing trials and elections and monitoring demonstrations. Sometimes it is necessary to intervene with local authorities on behalf of victims. Work with other organizations, such as the International Labour Organization, United Nations Children’s Fund , is often necessary.

As a human rights interns, you’ll have the important job of recognizing and stopping human rights violations around the world. You’ll need to be observant, capable of speaking a foreign language and knowledgeable about a variety of human rights issues in order to be a successful human rights officer.